Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why should I choose Country Village over other homes to care for my loved one?


Country Village Assisted Living is like no other Assisted Living home in Maine – There are many reasons to choose CVAL for your loved one, but the most important reason is:


High Quality Care - We believe in high quality care for our residents, period. Upon Admission, our Administrator, Resident Care Director, and other staff will work with the resident and their family to determine an appropriate plan of care specific to the individual.  Our caretakers become familiarized with each resident’s plan of care in order to provide the highest quality services for that resident.  Regardless of the shift, whether it be day or overnight, the expectation and delivery of care is the same high-quality, loving, and compassionate care that Country Village is known for.  

What is the staffing like at CVAL?


Our staffing standards are well above the State of Maine minimum staffing standards for Assisted Living homes and the purpose of this is to allow our staff to tend to the resident’s needs more rapidly.  Many of the staff at CVAL are cross trained in medication management, providing care, dietary, activities, etc.  This allows for any of our staff to jump in where it may be needed and to cover one another in any situation.  Our Administrator, Owner, Resident Care Director, and other staff are trained in these areas as well and are able to assist as needed.  Our Administrator and Owner are on call 24 hours a day/7 days a week and are able to respond to any situation immediately if the need arises. 


Who owns CVAL? Is it a large corporation? Why is this important?


CVAL is locally owned by a single individual from Maine, Craig Alaimo, and is not affiliated with a corporation of any kind.  Craig is a licensed Multi-Level Healthcare Administrator in the State of Maine, and Albina Bryant also holds an Administrator’s license and is the Administrator at CVAL.  As a locally owned and managed business, Craig and Albina are able to make decisions on the spot that other facilities may have to go through an approval process for and could take weeks to get an answer for.  We are proud to put quality of care above profits 100% of the time. 

Does CVAL provide Hospice, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy or other therapy services?


CVAL is proud to partner with local agencies to provide these services at our home. 

These services are not provided by the CVAL staff, but by licensed therapists that are employed for the agencies that we contract with.  CVAL only works with trusted partners in the industry who have the same expectations of quality that we do.  If these services are needed, please discuss with our Administrator for further options and information. 


What is the atmosphere like at CVAL?


The atmosphere at CVAL would be best described as welcoming and very home-like.  There are no long, institutional style hallways like often seen at other homes.  CVAL was an actual family residence at one point and has been an Assisted Living home now for over 30 years.  There are 30 private bedrooms throughout the home, with the dining area being a central location in the home where meals are shared and group activities take place.  Our atmosphere is a welcoming one for all, regardless of race, sex, religious beliefs, or any other factors. 


Our Owner, Administrator, and staff strongly believe that providing high quality of care is more important than fancy crystal chandeliers over our heads.  Our priority will always be the residents and providing consistent quality care to those entrusted to us.  With that said, we always have a project taking place throughout the home to increase the quality of that space, whether it’s a renovation of the area, new flooring, painting, etc.  We are proud to stay true to our values to put the resident’s needs first and will always do so. 


Can we bring furniture and other personal items to CVAL for our loved one?


Absolutely you can – We ask that the amount of furniture is reasonable and appropriate to the size of the room for fire safety reasons – Feel free to bring bureaus, beds, pictures for the wall, or anything else.  Each resident’s room is their own area and we encourage them or their families to bring these items to make it feel more like home for them.  If you do decide to bring furniture, please let the Administrator know before so we can arrange to have the room with a bed in it or not, along with other furniture. 

What is the availability and cost of CVAL?


To discuss availability and pricing options, please call Albina Bryant, Administrator of Country Village at (207) 627-7111.

How do I make a referral?


            Please CLICK HERE to make a referral! We will contact you within 1 business day.  


How do I apply for a job at CVAL?


            Please CLICK HERE to apply for a job at CVAL! We will contact you within 1 business day.  

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